Message From the Pastor

P eter Carl Fabergé, court jeweler to the Russian Royal Family, was commissioned to create a unique Easter egg to be given to the Empress each year (later Nicholas gave one to his mother and one to his wife). Beginning in 1885 through 1916, a total of 50 eggs were made. Each egg, an artistic masterpiece, took a year or more to make, involving a team of highly skilled craftsmen, who worked in the greatest secrecy. Fabergé was given complete freedom in the design and execution, with the only prerequisite being that there had to be surprise within each creation. The one pictured above was last seen in 1964 when it was purchased at the auction house, WARTSKI in London, by a man paying cash— approximately $2,500.00. It was thought lost, but was recently found when a scrap dealer from the Midwest of America walked into WARTSKI holding photographs of a golden egg. He had bought it for $13,000, which is roughly the scrap metal value This gold egg, the Third Imperial Easter Egg, contains a Vacheron Constantin watch, as the ”surprise” inside. It was brought to Britain and sold for around £20 million British pounds, or about $33 million dollars.

Easter Thanks

We want to thank all who made our Holy Week and Easter Liturgies so beautiful and prayerful:
  • Jerry Lauzon and all the servers; Brother Basil Lawrence
  • Our Musicians, especially Pat and Paul Zollner and the various choirs that worked so hard to serve our community
  • All those who helped with Decorations and setting up the church and parish center, especially Linda Sauer and Ruth Thompson
  • /.*/All those who donated flowers especially the gorgeous azaleas and lilies--Woodburn & Fessler nurseries
  • All those who helped us in the various ministries of readers and Eucharistic ministers
  • To Joe Kloft and Joe Roy, Rosa and Rene and all who prepared our people for reception of the Easter Sacraments.

Gratefully, Father Philip Waibel, OSB, Pastor

Liturgical Schedule

Daily Morning Prayer & Mass
at 6:50 am St. Mary
Saturday Vigil - 5:30pm
Sunday - 7:30am, 10:00am
Sunday Spanish - 12:30pm

Holy Rosary Mission
Sunday - 10:00 am

Holy Days of Obligation
St. Mary - 7am & 5:30pm (7pm Spanish)
Holy Rosary - 7:00pm

Confessions - 3:30 - 5pm
**View our Holy Week Schedule**

Upcoming Readings

April 27, 2nd Sunday of Easter

1st Reading - Acts of the Apostles 2:42-47 (43A)
2nd Reading - 1 Peter 1:3-5
Gospel - John 20:19-31

Virtue First - Living Life Heroically

TRUTH: The old Testament attest that God is the source or all truth. In Jesus Christ, God’s truth has been made manifest. We tend by nature toward the truth and the good. We are obliged to honor and bear witness to the virtue of TRUTH. Lying is the most direct offense against the virtue of truth.

Psalm 86:11 "Teach me Your ways ,O Lord , that I may walk and live in your truth."

Truth or truthfulness is the virtue which consists in showing oneself true in deeds and truthful in words. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2505)

Volunteers Needed

1.Anyone interested in serving at any of the Holy Week Masses please let me know.

2. We are in need of ushers at all the Saturday / Sunday Mass times. All men that have been confirmed are encouraged to serve the parish in this way.

3. If you are a lector and haven’t received your book for this year please pick it up in the parish office or find Meghan Bischoff after Mass.

Contact Meghan Bischoff online or call 503-551-2907