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Family Faith

How precious is THE FAMILY,

as the privileged place for TRANSMITTING THE FAITH.

-Pope Francis

We are here for you. Every step, and every stage. Every struggle, obstacle, and heartache. Every joy and every milestone.

We will walk with you, support you, and remind you in every way that you are loved, and a CHILD OF GOD!

Our mission is to assist parents in creating a strong Catholic foundation, where our young will KNOW, LOVE, & SERVE God, and have a thirst to always grow:

  •  in their FAITH, HOPE, & LOVE;

CORONAVIRUS News & Updates: 

In an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19, and keeping in line with Oregon and Archdiocesan directives, it has been decided to CANCEL various activities around the parish. All K-12 Faith Formation (Religious Education, Youth Ministry, Sacramental Prep) on Wednesdays & Sundays, while very important for our families and youth, is CANCELLED at this time.

But don’t change your calendars! Keep those times reserved and sacred, so you can continue to dedicate that time to God, Faith, Prayer, and learning. Communication will be sent with resources and suggestions on how to continue to keep your kids learning about the faith and preparing for the Sacraments at home. While not ideal, this does create a beautiful opportunity for the Domestic Church (the family), to grow and flourish! Our prayers are with all those affected by this virus, and we pray that St. Joseph & Our Blessed Mother will continue to protect and guide us.



PRAYER!! You can, and should, always pray! Whenever, Where ever! Take time to talk to our Father in heaven. Share your concerns and anxieties with the only One who is able to bring our hearts true PEACE and  lasting HOPE. See below for websites that can inspire prayer & spiritual growth!

There will also be times that the church will be open for general prayer before the tabernacle. This week: Thursday, March 19th from 9am-9pm. The side doors of the church will be open. Please be aware of people around you and keep your distance from others. If more than 10 people are present in the church at any given time, please limit your prayer time to 30-60 minutes, so others may come in and be with Jesus.

The main doors that open to the Narthex of the church will continue to be open from 9am-4pm Monday – Friday. Come in, pray for a bit, and grab a new Lighthouse talk or a copy of the Stations. There are copies of the STATIONS OF THE CROSS and also Children’s Liturgy Print-outs in the back of the church. Please take your copies with you. If you are sick, PLEASE STAY HOME.

CONFESSIONS – Confessions are still heard Saturdays from 3-5pm. They WILL NOT be heard in the regular confessional. To help with social distancing, a make shift area will be set up toward the front of the church. Please be considerate of other penitents. Keep your distance while waiting, and if the church appears to have 10 or more people, consider coming back at a later time/date, or wait outside(weather permitting). Avoid touching things, use the available hand sanitizers, and if you are sick, please stay home. You may still also contact Fr. Philip for individual confessions outside of the regularly scheduled time, by calling the office.



KEEPING HOLY THE SABBATH – Even though we are not able attend Holy Mass, there are still many ways that we can keep Sundays holy. Get out your bible or favorite app and read the Sunday Readings.  Set up your house like a mini chapel, complete with an altar and “pews”. Go through as much as the Mass as you can.  Sing one of your favorite hymns, with the help of YouTube.  Pray for the Body of Christ, and unite yourself to God and His church. We will be working on a live-feed to broadcast Fr. Philip’s private Masses. Please stay tuned for that.

FAITH FORMATION & SACRAMENTAL PREP– There will be things coming through the mail, electronic and physical, to help ourselves and our children to continually grow in our Catholic faith. Parents will take on the task of preparing children for the Sacraments. And we will help! There are lots of resources available that will will be making available very soon.  First Communions & Confirmations WILL STILL HAPPEN, but possibly not on the exact date as had been thought. We will keep you updated! For now, checkout some of the links below! We will be adding more weekly!

Youth Ministry At-Home Resources Great info and links for the whole family!

1st Communion Quick Catechism – What you should know Good start for your kids preparing for 1st Communion. More to come!


Catholic Family Resources

Lots of options to keep you connected, and keep your kids learning, engaged, and entertained! Explore & Enjoy!

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Faith Formation Classes

The Faith Formation Programs at St. Mary’s strive to bring all youth to a deeper love for God, an intimate relationship with Jesus, and a fuller understanding of their Catholic Faith. All grades, from K-12 have the option to choose to attend classes weekly; either Wednesday nights from 6:30pm to 7:50pm or Sunday mornings from 11:10am to 12:20pm.

FF Overview 2019-2020 

Commitment of Treasure FormTime Talent Service Form

Kinder – 6th Faith Formation Calendars 2019-20

Alive in Christ

For K-6th grades, St. Mary’s uses the ‘Alive in Christ’ / ‘Vivos in Cristo’ Textbook Series from Our Sunday Visitor, to guide weekly lessons.
Click the link below to visit the Our Sunday Visitor Alive in Christ Family Page! Do a review, submit homework, play games relating to each chapter. A great way for your kids to get tickets for drawings! Check it out!


To receive 1st Reconciliation(Confession), 1st Eucharist(Communion), or Confirmation, sacramental prep class & regular religious ed attendance is required.

It is a 2-yr program for 1st Sacraments, starting with Reconciliation class every 1st Sunday during (ideally) the 1st grade year, followed by another year of 1st Sunday classes before receiving Holy Communion. Each year there is a day-retreat for parents and students to deepen their love and understanding of each Sacrament. This is in addition to regular Faith Formation classes held either every Wednesday or every Sunday.

It is also a 2-yr program for Confirmation. Youth will again meet every Wednesday or Sunday in preparation for this very important Sacrament. Service Project, Retreats, Mentor Meetings, and other requirements are also a part of St. Mary's Confirmation preparation.

The 2-year programs will help to ensure the child’s understanding and readiness for each of these amazing Sacraments. REGISTER NOW