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In the Benedictine Tradition since 1881
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Formed – a Catholic Learning Resource

A learning resource for groups or individuals, check out  Catholic content delivered in high quality formats.

When do you have time to learn more about your faith?

  • On your commute?  Formed has audio you can stream on your drive.
  • Reading before bed?  Formed has ebooks with many formats available.
  • Relaxing after dinner in front of the tv?  Formed has full length movies, suitable for the family.
  • Group of friends who want to understand a topic together?  Try one of the programs offered and get into discussion.

These resources are top quality productions, from some of today’s best speakers and writers.  The material is solid in it’s teaching of the Catholic faith, this takes away the concern if the doctrine is Catholic; with so much on the web, it can be hard to discern what sources are reliable.

Spanish language materials are available on the site.

Instructions for using FORMED. ORG

When using Formed for the first time click on,  next click on Sign Up.  Then it will ask “How would you like to sign up”  click on the bottom tab “I belong to a Parish or Organization” Next it will ask you to find your parish or organization, type in St. Mary Mt. Angel and chose “St. Mary 575 E. College St. Mt. Angel, OR 97362.  Once you have clicked on that you will need to fill in your first name, last name, and e-mail then click sign up.  START WATCHING!  In the future you will only need to go to the right hand corner and click Sign In.

Now you have access to everything that FORMED has to offer: Catholic Programs, Movies, Audio, and books—FREE OF CHARGE TO YOU.

(Sometimes it takes a while to download.  If it doesn’t work right away, choose a different internet browser.)

USE THIS RESOURCE TO YOUR HEART’S DESIRE and grow in your Roman Catholic Faith through learning about the Sacred Scriptures, the Sacraments, and everything else you have wanted to know.

“You’ll discover that FORMED is a remarkable source of learning. In parish studies, catechetical training, small groups, family devotions or personal faith-formation, FORMED provides the essentials of the Catholic Faith – accessible, clear, faithful and inspiring. FORMED quickens the mind and heart.”