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Celebrations of Faith at St. Mary Parish is held twice a year, once each in the Fall and Spring. Various topics for inter-generational faith development are offered. Celebrations of Faith are centered on educating individuals at their level of learning.  The format is:

  1. A simple dinner for the entire family lasting approximately 30 minutes
  2. Break-out groups according to age groups
  3. A short general sharing of what each group learned
  4. A closing prayer.

Celebrations of Faith  Fall 2016:   TBD
Dates, times, topics will be posted soon.

Celebrations of Faith…

  • is developed around the events in the life of the faith community.
  • weaves home and parish in a comprehensive model of learning that places an emphasis on programs, activities, and resources for nurturing faith growth at home-as individuals and families. The Celebrations of Faith approach strengthens family life by empowering families to share, celebrate, and live the Catholic faith at home and in the world.
  • encourages participation in the events of church life as learning.
    • We learn by immersion into the life of the faith community.
    • We learn by participating in the life of the faith community, especially by engaging in the practices of the faith community.
    • We learn by studying, practicing, performing, and reflecting, but most importantly by doing the activity in the first place.
  • utilizes a  process to preparing all ages and all generations for meaningful participation in church events through programs, engaging them in events, and guiding reflection and applying the significance and meaning of the events for their lives as Catholics.
  • It provides alignment of learning through common events and themes that are experienced and explored by all ages and all generations in the church community.

Questions: Contact Bernadette Wagner, / 503.845.4282